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Law Offices of Anthony P. X. Bothwell assists plaintiffs in cases involving whistleblower retaliation, health and safety hazards, discrimination, harassment, international human rights, federal tax collection, and major injury accidents.

Attorney at law. Earned degrees in international affairs, journalism, law, and "summa cum laude" in international legal studies. Clerked in the Washington Post newsroom and the U.S. House Appropriations Committee. Served as curriculum coordinator at the U.S. Army Intelligence School, editor in the Associated Press Miami bureau, and public affairs director of the Livermore nuclear weapons lab. Also, Fulbright lecturer, Golden Gate University School of Law; adjunct professor, John F. Kennedy University School of Law; and American Bar Association delegate to the International Court of Justice at The Hague.


Attorney Tony Bothwell has gained recognition as an authority on U.S. counterterrorism policy; on the international law rights of Native American Indians; and on racial discrimination in law school admission testing.
The same mastery of subject matter that has won acclaim for our published studies of law and policy also characterizes legal papers prepared by Law Offices of Anthony P. X. Bothwell in age discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and other cases in state and federal courts.

The Bothwell study on The Law and Psychology of Antiterror was featured in Research Papers (2003), published by the Human Rights Conflict Prevention Centre, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bothwell’s paper on “Terrorism’s Psychological Impact on Decisionmaking of Legislators and Judges” was presented at the Center for International Legal Studies (2003) in Salzburg, Austria. The author has taught law school courses on Terrorism and the Law (2002) and The Law of War (2003), and a university course on Psychology of Terrorism (2002), and has lectured widely on pre-9/11 intelligence failures and post-9/11 civil liberties violations.
A Bothwell study on Native American Indians’ rights under international law, published in the Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law (2000) and presented as a Fulbright lecture (2001) at Golden Gate University School of Law, has been cited in a Navajo Nations report to the United Nations (2001) and in many contexts worldwide. The author serves as chairperson of the Native American Indian Affairs Committee of the National Lawyers Guild.
The Bothwell study of The Law School Admission Test Scandal: Problems of Bias and Conflicts of Interest, published in the Thurgood Marshall Law Review (2002), was presented at meetings of the Mexican American Bar Association in El Paso and the National Lawyers Guild in Detroit. The author served as a consultant to the Higher Education Committee of the Texas Assembly. The Bothwell paper also was cited as an authority in the amicus curiae brief of the Harvard, Stanford and Yale law students associations in the case of Grutter v. Bollinger, 123 S.Ct. 2325, 156 L.Ed.2d 304, 71 USLW 4498 (2003).

In addition, he published an analysis of consumer law issues related to proposed federal regulation of cigarettes (in the John F. Kennedy law review), and coauthored a new study of how businesses can use the court system in China to challenge Beijing's trade practices under the WTO (in a London journal).

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