Areas of practice and consultation

Law Offices of Anthony P. X. Bothwell assists plaintiffs in cases involving whistleblower retaliation, health and safety hazards, discrimination, harassment, international human rights, federal tax collection, and major injury accidents.

In addition to serving as an advocate for clients pursuing litigation, Attorney Tony Bothwell provides consultation to other law firms regarding news media and political aspects of high-visibility lawsuits.

He also has been called upon from time to time as a commentator and lecturer in the United States and Europe concerning legal and public policy issues related to the campaign against international terrorism and the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Remedies obtained for clients
Although no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any particular case, we have won significant remedies in cases taken on within the past few years. These include monetary awards against large corporations, municipal and state government entities and multibillion-dollar federal agencies. Our successful clients run the gamut from a consumer exposed to toxic mold – to a nuclear engineer who was driven from his job for reporting evidence of willful violation of plutonium safety rules;

In his pro bono work, Atty. Tony Bothwell has given his time to win asylum for survivors of genocide in foreign lands, and justice for Native American Indians against a government that has a long history of broken treaties.

Methodology for defeating powerful foes
When we take up the cause of individuals asserting their rights against large institutions, we do not expect to outspend the opposition but we do intend to outsmart them. We believe that vision and boldness can be important assets in cases involving fundamental rights, where legal standards may still be evolving. Multidisciplinary background equips us to devise creative tactics in anticipation of defense maneuvers. In a large case, we form a team including seasoned legal counsellors bringing complementary knowledge and skill. Atty. Tony Bothwell’s prior experience as a journalist, union leader, corporate spokesperson, intelligence officer and national laboratory executive has enabled him to develop innovative, high-impact approaches to litigation.

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